Start Selling Product Online With EnterMall
  • E-commerce
  • Catalogue
  • Referral
  • Referral Management Module

    • Referral Code Management
    • Referral QR code
    • Commission Calculation
    • Referral Tracking
  • Product Management Module

    • Add/Edit/Remove Product Categories (*)
    • Add/Edit/Remove Product Items
    • Product Stock Quantity
    • Related Product
    • Products Discount
  • Order Module

    • Order Quantity Bar
    • Add To Cart (My Cart) Function
    • Order History Log
    • Order Status Manager
    • Email Notification Function
  • WhatsApp Order

    Your customer can order/enquiry the products / services Item through whatsapp feature
  • Banner Slider Module

    • Add/Edit/Remove Banner
    • Able to set the sequent of the banners
    • Create Hyperlink
  • Mobile Responsive Theme

    • The theme is compatible with the mobile, tablet, desktop & laptop screen
  • Shipping & Tax Management

    • Shipping Weight Cost
    • Region Fee
    • Tax Rate
  • Membership Module

    • Member Profile Data & Function
    • Member Login Protection
  • High Quality & Modern Template (*)

    • We have more than 8 templates design (*)

    View Templates

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Support Popular Payment Gateway Module

    • The system is compabitible with onliner merchnat bank of Paypal, Ipay88 & eGHL
  • Auto Keyword Submission

    SEO - Not need to hire SEO agency let entermall  auto submit (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Auto QRcode

    QR code on business cards, produck packing Share business information with Entermall QR codes

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Social Media Share

    • The product item has the social media share function
  • Auto generate watermark

    Watermark - Using watermarks for images copy protection: stop copying (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Live chat ready

    Live chat for Customer Communication and customer support (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Online map with GPS ready

    Online map - guide your client come to your shop or office (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Promote POP Out (Lightbox)

    Popup can maximize the potential of your online presence & promote the featured or latest products (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Support PDF File

    PDF upload for client download for printing and sharing
  • Support YouTube Video

    Video Presentation The Future Of Content Marketing to claim more than 80% of all web traffic