Start Selling Product Online With EnterMall

These Features are Included in ALL our Marketing(E-commerce) Websites

Each box below for a brief description to which Marketing Website is your right fit, not matter is commercial website or industry website. EnterMall provide the essential online marketing features that you could include in your platform to make it more appealing to marketers.

  • Product Management Module

    • Add/Edit/Remove Product Categories (*)
    • Add/Edit/Remove Product Items
    • Product Stock Quantity
    • Related Product
    • Products Discount
  • Order Module

    • Order Quantity Bar
    • Add To Cart (My Cart) Function
    • Order History Log
    • Order Status Manager
    • Email Notification Function
  • WhatsApp Order

    Your customer can order/enquiry the products / services Item through whatsapp feature
  • Banner Slider Module

    • Add/Edit/Remove Banner
    • Able to set the sequent of the banners
    • Create Hyperlink
  • Mobile Responsive Theme

    • The theme is compatible with the mobile, tablet, desktop & laptop screen
  • Shipping & Tax Management

    • Shipping Weight Cost
    • Region Fee
    • Tax Rate
  • Membership Module

    • Member Profile Data & Function
    • Member Login Protection
  • High Quality & Modern Template (*)

    • We have more than 8 templates design (*)

    View Templates

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Support Popular Payment Gateway Module

    • The system is compabitible with onliner merchnat bank of Paypal, Ipay88 & eGHL
  • Auto Keyword Submission

    SEO - Not need to hire SEO agency let entermall  auto submit (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Auto QRcode

    QR code on business cards, produck packing Share business information with Entermall QR codes

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Social Media Share

    • The product item has the social media share function
  • Auto generate watermark

    Watermark - Using watermarks for images copy protection: stop copying (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Live chat ready

    Live chat for Customer Communication and customer support (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Online map with GPS ready

    Online map - guide your client come to your shop or office (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Promote POP Out (Lightbox)

    Popup can maximize the potential of your online presence & promote the featured or latest products (*)

    *This is available for standard package only.

  • Support PDF File

    PDF upload for client download for printing and sharing
  • Support Youtube Video

    Video Presentation The Future Of Content Marketing to claim more than 80% of all web traffic