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How to choose the best e-commerce website developer

We believe that 8 out of 10 e-commerce business owner on their website, you usually will get an unpleasant face or they most likely will give negative feedback.

Building a successful e-commerce website is not as easy as it seems for a typical website developer, which requires experienced ecommerce website developer, web designer and management. All the e-commerce websites need to have well-planed from A-to-Z, not only throughout the process of development, yet even after launch. Regular web content updates, constant user experience (UX), system updates and support. All these works which a professional e-commerce website developer should have or provide.

As number of e-commerce website and platforms grows, so does the number of e-commerce development companies. Selecting the right development company is difficult when comes to considering the number of options. EnterMall team has simplifies the decision making with following paragraphs on how to hire the right e-commerce developer.


Determine your e-commerce project’s goal & requirement

You should have very clear in mind to identify what type of website you need. Put away the thinking of the purpose E-commerce website is only selling things online, if you have any.

You should think more about how you can selling things more effectively, what is your targeted group (be considering in the demography, geography, interested and so on), in what extent that customer will choose to purchase your products in your e-commerce website instead of others.

Most of the successful e-commerce sites has similar the objectives in which the websites are to build trust, educate, inform and eventually convert visitor into leads. There are many of the web development companies that can accomplish these tasks, next we will point out some views about references checking of website development vendors.


Experiences and portfolios checking

Before awarding a e-commerce website development company or an e-commerce web developer, you should consider about their previous experience of e-commerce development. Due to budget concern, e-commerce business mostly will hire someone with most competitive price, and often overlook their professionality assessment in overall of e-commerce development.

Get to know if vendors have experience in providing features that are specific for e-commerce site. For instance, are the developers familiar with the process of integrating the most common payment gateway, such as PayPal, eGHL, iPay88 and are they capable to implement a new one.

Besides, find out if they have SEO and SEM professionals on hand who are skilful to boost your site and keep your site at the top of search results with targeted phrases or keywords. When you want to create some online advertisement campaign, are they able to setup the online marketing works and generate campaign result report to you?

Next, check out the web developers’ previous ecommerce website projects. Sometimes, a portfolio review can let you how their design looks which in terms of user experience (UX), user interface (UI). Good UX and UI are important to improve the website bounce rate which can keep visitors to stay on and surfing on your site.


Decide CMS system or subscription platform to build e-commerce website

One of the facts that building a successful e-commerce website is opting the right open-source Content Management System (CMS) or e-commerce subscription platform.  Most of us will confuse in between CMS and subscription platform.

Open-source CMS such as Wordpress WooCommerce, Drupal, OpenCart in which you could host the website in your own server hosting. With open-source CMS, you will have more control of the system functionality customization.

You are planning big for ecommerce website project, to have customized sophisticated e-commerce purchasing process flow for example, open-source CMS is ideal option. The challenge site, you have to make sure you a team to maintain the system updates, bugs fixing or your vendor does.

On the other hand, subscription based online store, such as Shopify, Wix, Weebly and EnterMall, they host the site in their server or platform, the system updates will be done by the development company occasionally.

You will always get the latest version of the system, you are only required to pay a small fraction for subscription fee subsequently, compared to setup an open-source e-commerce site, mostly annual basis. This option is great for small and medium e-commerce business owners whom not planning big or have lack man-power to maintain the site.

Ready-made Ecommerce Web vs Custom Ecommerce Website



Description Item

Ready-made Ecommerce

Custom Ecommerce


Unique Design




Custom structural

  • Custom structural according to your project goal

Ready web template

Star from scratch


Promotional Flexibility




custom coupon or promo code




Site Scalability




Database modification




Unique/custom shipping options




Development cost




Development duration

Within 1 month

4 months above


Ecommerce website with SEO friendly which generate values

How to define an ecommerce website is search engine optimised? Simple, an SEO-friendly website tend to draw more customers than non-optimised website. Search engine optimisation on ecommerce website is one thing that can never overlook.

As an ecommerce business owner have to make sure the website is using the best SEO practices which help people find your website, products and services. These are several key features highlighted that you should have in the ecommerce website:

Looking for simple and fast setup ecommerce website with online store subscription platform, EnterMall is one of the option you may consider. Or, you are plan for tailor-made ecommerce website for your business, take a consideration of our alternative ecommerce solution service.




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